Company Profile: 

African Cargo Management, or ACM as it is known, started its operation in 2001 and currently operates fleets running cross border into Zambia, Zimbabwe and the DRC.

Our fleet mainly consists of Volvos, Scanias and international trucks with an average fleet age of less than 3 years with the new ones being a few months old. We have got satellite tracking on our vehicles which are continually monitored by our operations. 

We operate from our own facility which is a 28000 m2 yard with warehousing facilities up to 12000m2 based in Benoni, Johannesburg. We operate our own normal, bonded warehouse and SOS warehouse for non-dutiable items from the same facility. We are also customs accredited in South Africa.

Apart from transport operations, we have diversified in to logistics operations and offer a full door-to-door package including shipping to various destinations around the globe.

With a comparatively new fleet and a group of tried and trusted drivers, we are able to compete in the market offering top class service and client satisfaction.

We feel that we are a unique entity that has its own transport, warehousing, container packing and forwarding facilities in house. This allows us to offer quality and timely service and we are currently shipping about 300 20 foot containers per month on average, catering for an exclusive clientele. We are fully equipped with container handling side lifter and forklifts to handle any volumes.

The security at the yard is vested in a reliable security company which controls the gate and the warehouse.

We do move goods of various nature including normal and hazchem goods from South Africa to Zambia and Congo. The return loads from Zambia and Congo include copper cathodes and blister copper and agricultural products. Banks and insurance companies including Lloyds of London evaluated our risks.

Professionals run the operations, warehousing and shipping departments and we reckon our services can be rated as one of the best in the industry.

We have our own operational bases and personnel in Ndola, l•shi and each border who facilitate the smooth clearing and operations.

Regular tracking of all goods uplifted, in transit, delivered, packed and shipped will be provided to you on a daily basis. Our operations run seven days a week.